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AED 202 Information Processing Theory (APA Format with References)




Information Processing Theory;AED/202;Date;Information Processing Theory;The theory of information processing with cognitive development is a group of views showing humans as information processing systems. In which material is retrieved from the environment and then processed following with an output of information back into the environment.;?The theory is based on the proposition that humans process the information they receive, rather than merely responding to stimuli. Many cognitive processes are involved between the reception of a stimulus and the response of the individual? (Kent, 2011.) Although not all theorists agree on everything in the information processing theory, they do agree on the key concepts.;?The IPM consists of three main components, sensory memory, working memory, and long-term memory. Sensory and working memory enables people to manage limited amounts of incoming information during the initial processing. While long term memory serves as a permanent repository for knowledge? (McCrudden & Schraw, 2003-2009.);?Humans


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