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Relate what you have read in Chapter 8, of Cultural Anthropology ?.. A+ Answer or MONEY BACK GUARANTEED! (390 words + works cited)




Colonialism is the domination of one society by another, so yes this is a clear example of a company from a rich society capitalizing on a poor society (Nowak & Laird, 2010). Most indigenous countries like Brazil were forced to switch to capitalist mode of production in order to control the economy. This switch was more than likely a collaboration between the government of Brazil and predatory merchant MNC?s like McCann World Group that targeted the low-income consumers.;There are obvious negative effects direct marketing has on poor people and their economy. For example, the homemakers may have found a way to supplement their low income by making some of the products themselves and selling them or trading them for a fair price. But by the bigger companies mass producing cheaper products and putting them in visible markets this would cut their supplemental income. Another negative is the poor quality the


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