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Explain how Florence reflects the ideals of the dominant city-state ?. A+ Answer or MONEY BACK GUARANTEED! (324 words + references)




Florence reflects on what was developed Early Renaissance. Florence artists were influenced even in the 16th century by the religious, economical, geographical, and social changes that occurred during and after the ?rebirth ?period. Most of the architecture is still Greco-Roman influenced. The paintings are still religiously and have classical outlines, and the sculptors are mimicking Roman models. The Catholic Church has had an even bigger impact on art, like Leonardo da Vinci ?Last Supper?, which reflects religion. Leonardo da Vinci classical art spreads to Etruscan and Roman monuments and Roman copies of Greek status in Italy.;An example of how Florence reflects geographically is in the work of Michelangelo. He created a narrative sequence inside an illusionistic architectural frame. Biblical scenes of the Creation, the fall, and the Flood, were divided into sections by groups of stone. Michelangelo also painted the Last Judgment on the wall behind the altar.;Florence artists work


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