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Discuss how the Italo-Byzantine sense can be seen as ?.. 198 words (A+ Answer or MONEY BACK GUARANTEED! Have reference)




The late Gothic sense can be seen in the Berlinghieri?s St. Francis Altarpiece. The important figure of Francis centers the panel. He is surrounded by sections from his life. Berlinghieri has presented the saint bordered by two angels in the Greco or Byzantine style. The lengthened figure placed on a gold surroundings, reminiscent of Justinian and Followers.;He expresses love for nature and considers god?s love for everyday blessing and help in focusing on daily life. The Idols are profoundly spiritual. The works of art are meant for the worship of Saints in the eyes of their followers.;Francis believed he could get closer to God by rejecting worldly goods and he committed himself to a strict life of fasting, prayer, and meditation. The Franciscan worked to demonstrate the example of St. Francis and the order?s commitment to teaching and relieving suffering. Some episodes of the life of Francis are illustrated in


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