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discuss sexual issues with the important people in their lives.




In this assignment, students will get comfortable using sexual terminology as well as examine how they discuss sexual issues with the important people in their lives.;Complete the "Sexual Language Table," listing parents, children, doctors, spouse/significant other, same-sex friends, and opposite-sex friends in the columns. List female genitals, male genitals, and intercourse in the rows.;Write a paper of 1,000-1,250 words regarding the similarities and differences observed in the terminology used as well as the possible reasons for these similarities/differences. Use the Week 1 readings as references as well as your discussion in the Main Forum.;Discussions may include (but are not limited to);Your own attitudes toward sexuality.;Your parent's attitudes toward sexuality.;Society's attitudes toward sexuality.;Your upbringing.;Your own comfort level with sexual topics.;What you already know about human sexuality.;What you would like to learn in this course.


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