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Career Management Recommendation




Final Exam HRDV 5700;Career Management Recommendation;The purpose of the Career Management Final Exam is to provide you the opportunity to apply career management theory to enhance an organization?s effectiveness;Imagine you are an HR associate. Your task is to make a recommendation to your corporations CEO to establish a Career Management Program. (It can be the CEO of a hypothetical company if you prefer.) The components of your recommendation are as follows;1. Executive Summary;A brief summary of your recommendation and key points;2. Recommendation;A clear, concise statement of exactly what you are recommending.;3. Justification;In general terms, why do you recommend this action. This section should summarize the key reasons for your recommendation.;4. Background;This section substantiates your recommendation. It provides the details. It contains the following subsections.;a) History of the Issue;? Details and demographics on the company.;? Past practices;? Rational;b) Symptoms vs. Causes;? What conditions (e.g. turnover, morale, complaints, and cost) indicate the need for action?;? What variables have changed thus causing these symptoms to appear?;? Have you distinguished between fact, opinion, and your own inferences?;c) Cost Implications;? What are the annualized costs and benefits?;? Do the benefits outweigh the costs?;? What will be the impact on the HR budget?;d) Legal Implications;? Are there any legal risks involved?;? How do you plan to deal with the legal risks?;e) Relationship Implications;? How do the employees feel about this issue?;? Can you expect supervisors and managers to implement the new policy, practices and procedures?;? How will the outside publics react to this recommendation?;? Will it impact recruiting and retention.;f) Other company practices;? How do other companies handle this issue?;? What published survey results are available?;? Have you done a survey of company employees?;? What do the survey results tell you?;g) Timing;? How quickly must the issue be resolved?;? What is your time frame for implementation?;5. Evaluation of Alternatives;? What alternatives did you consider?;? What are the advantages of each alternative? Disadvantages?;? List them 1, 2, 3, etc.;? What value or weighting should be assigned to various advantages and disadvantages?;? What elements are essential for your recommendation?;? What elements are desirable?;? What is your evaluation of each alternative?;6. Implementation;? What specific actions must be taken to put your recommendation into effect?;? What is the implementation timetable?;? Include drafts of proposed policy, procedures, and communications to employees;7. Appendices (samples of forms used);The Career Management Recommendation should be of sufficient length to cover the subject.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 2;Level of Detail: Show all work


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