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Grantham University BA 265 Business Law II Week 6 Assignment Negotiable Instruments




On the back of an envelope, Phoebe writes, ?I promise to pay Quint or bearer $600 on demand. [Signed] Phoebe.? The type of instrument that is used in this scenario is a promissory note. When a promissory note is present, this is a written promise which involves two parties (Miller & Hollowell, 2011). The two parties that are present in a promissory note is the maker (payer) and the payee and the note may be made with a specific date mentioned or on demand-when the payee requests the money (Miller & Hollowell, 2011). In the scenario above, the maker is Phoebe and the payee is Quint and it the note is written to indicate that when Quint asks for the $600, Phoebe is to pay it at that time.;In order for a note (or


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