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Grantham University Week 7 Assignment Corporate Integration Programs BA405 Multinational Management




Corporate integration programs are used to create the standard of cooperation within an organization as well as promoting the shared vision and values within an organization (Caligiuri, Lepak & Bonache, 2010). This will only be successful within a multinational corporation if there is sufficient interaction between the organization and the employees. This is accomplished by using two types of integration: vertical integration mechanisms and lateral integration mechanisms (Caligiuri, Lepak & Bonache, 2010).;Vertical integration mechanisms are put into place by initiating different types of communication to the organization?s headquarters. This will allow the organization?s headquarters to be cognizant of the corporation overall as well as its branches of the organization (Caligiuri, Lepak & Bonache, 2010). These types of communication and contact methods include temporary assignments of branch employees within the organization?s headquarters, training initiatives implemented by


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