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Grantham University Week 3 Assignment Australia?s Largest HR Challenge BA405 Multinational Management




According to a survey conducted involving 14 countries and 22 different industries, it has been found that the largest HR issue all of these companies face revolves around finding and retaining talent (Beattie, 2013).;It has been found that in Australia, almost fifty percent of human resources directors find that they are having difficulty finding talent at all positions within their respective organizations whereas the global average of this issue is at 34% (Beattie, 2013). However this is not the only issue plaguing talent. This survey shows that within Australia, 22% of the survey takers have difficulty retaining their highest levels of talent, have low morale and engagement as well as staggering productivity. This concern equates to 14 percent of the survey responders (Beattie, 2013). It is shown within the survey results that the position


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