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Grantham University Week 3 Assignment Virtual Teams BA405 Multinational Management




The virtual team leading practice that is best adapatable for an MNC today and 10 years ago would be monitoring team progress using technology. The way that virtual teams monitor progress through technology is by using the available information technologies to analyze documents, electronic threads (such as email) and virtual meeting attendance (Caligiuri, Lepak & Bonache, 2010). The reason that this practice would be able to be completed both 10 years ago and today is because programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and instant messenger have been in existence for at least 10 years with AOL messenger being introduced in 1997 (Tyler & Cooper, 2013).;10 years ago which would be 2003, the technology that is available now was not available 10 years ago. There have been vast strides made in technology since 2003 including video chat


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