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Nordstrom?s Performance Goals Organizational Behavior / BA 420




At Nordstrom?s, employee performance is directed towards a single goal: Extraordinary service that produces extraordinary sales volumes. Every measure by which an employee is evaluated and rewarded is based on this goal. This is evident in Nordstrom?s training programs and its reward and incentive structure. A central way in which Nordstrom?s tries to improve employee performance is by fostering an open, competitive environment in which employees are a part of teams, but also pursue individual achievements. The company encourages creative tension among associates by making the performance information of every employee available to every other employee. (Nelson & Quick, 2011);Positive Impacts & Creative Tension;Competition among individuals is healthy when the team is unquestionably cohesive and dedicated to the company?s ultimate goal(s). Individual competition becomes contaminated when guidelines are ambiguous, rules are made on the fly and winning takes precedence over all else.;Nordstrom?s takes every precautionary measure necessary to ensure that all sales associates are well aware of the company?s ultimate sales and service goals. The impact of publicly posting the bi-monthly performance statistics of the sales staff is that it creates positive and sportsman-like competition among the associates.


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