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Block's research on the personality traits of conservatives




1. After reading about the research on the authoritarian personality, right-wing authoritarianism, and Jost's and Block's research on the personality traits of conservatives, do you agree with some critics that politically liberal psychologists are unfairly painting a negative portrait of political conservatives? How does your own political position affect your opinion on this issue? Can we keep political opinions from biasing research on personality and political attitudes?;2. Some researchers say that the discovery of the five factors of personality is similar to the discovery of the periodic table of elements in chemistry. After reading the history of the lexical and questionnaire research programs that led to the discovery of the five factors, do you agree that psychologists have discovered the basic elements of personality? Why or why not?;3. Some research has supported the idea that teenagers with similar personalities tend to associate in the same crowd or clique. These crowds have been given names such as jocks, nerds, brains, popular, and so forth. What crowd types do you remember from your teenage years, and can you describe personality traits that people in these crowds had in common? Referring to relevant research, explain why or why not you think these personality characteristics persisted into adulthood.


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