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Organizational Culture Organizational Behavior / BA 420 Organizational Culture in the U.S. Army




The rationalization for the successes of militaries both in war and peace have traditionally focused on key factors such as technology, leadership, personnel, training, or a combination of all of them. A more recent addition to the list of possible contributors that adds to the efficiencies of military organizations is the idea of culture.;When discussing the make-up of the U.S. Army, most military personnel would agree that the terms, Military Culture and Organizational Culture, are one in the same. While the term ?Military Culture? is often used effectively to describe the military?s personality, way of thinking, or values, there are not many publications that assist in developing a distinct definition.;Explanation;Organizational culture refers to the ?taken-for-granted values?, underlying assumptions, expectations, collective memories, and definitions present within an organization. These values and assumptions are learned as people in the organization deal successfully with problems of external adaptation and internal integration. As new members enter the organization, the assumptions and values are taught right away and reinforced as ?the correct way to perceive, think, and feel? in relation to problems the organization may face.


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