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CarMax Organizational Behavior / BA 420




The years, 2008 and 2009 were very difficult years for the automotive industry. Both General Motors and Chrysler depended on unprecedented levels of government intervention to stay viable. Meanwhile, thousands of dealerships around the country were forced to close their doors for good. This challenging external environment threw some serious punches at CarMax. In the midst of these challenging times, CarMax CEO Tom Folliard communicated optimistically and non-defensively with shareholders and employees alike. His blend of realistic optimism communicated his vision of the path through the difficult challenges in the industry. (Nelson & Quick, 2011);Communication;The CEO, Tom Folliard communicated with shareholders and employees alike, to explain his vision of where the company is and where it could be considering the challenging times ahead. He laid out an optimistic plan to the employees of how they were going tackle those challenges and explained the necessary measures that they must take, not just in keeping the company profitable, but to keep the company in business. He made it clear how each employee was going to fit into the equation and what must be done to make it all work. He


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