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In spite of countless time saving devices such as fax machines




1. In spite of countless time saving devices such as fax machines and cell phones, most of;us complain about a relative lack of;a. time.;b. money.;c. information.;2. You can probably expect some assistance from a book that is intended to help you to;a. lose 20 pounds every month.;b. learn to eat more healthily and gradually include more exercise in your routine.;c. build muscle overnight.;3. A correlation exists when two variables are related to each other.;a. true.;b. false.;4. Which of the following rewards is most likely to be effective in providing motivation for studying?;a. the prospect of obtaining a college degree.;b. watching your favorite TV show after studying.;c. none of the above choices.;5. The best predictor of an individual?s happiness is financial status.;a. true.;b. false.;6. Which of the following is not a major theoretical perspective in psychology?;a. behavioral.;b. humanistic.;c. pragmatic.;7. You?re feeling guilty after your third bowl of ice cream. You tell yourself it?s alright because yesterday you skipped lunch. This is an example of;a. displacement.;b. rationalization.;c. sublimation.;8. Humanism asserts that scientific psychology should focus on the study of only observable behavior.;a. true.;b. false.;9. Which of the following types of human responses is most likely to be governed by classical conditioning?;a. emotional.;b. cognitive.;c. imaginary processing.;10. Freud was credited with discovering the hierarchy of needs.;a. true.;b. false.;11. Lazarus?s findings on hassles suggest that the effects of stress are cumulative.;a. true.;b. false.;12. Approach-avoidance conflicts often produce stress free environments.;a. true.;b. false.;13. A correlation exists between test-related anxiety and exam performance.;a. true.;b. false.;14. George Walsh is credited with formulating the theory of stress reactions called the general adaptation syndrome.;a. true.;b. false.;15. The general tendency to expect good outcomes is called pessimism.;a. true.;b. false.;16. An assessment of which of the following people is most likely to be made using a snap judgment?;a. waiter.;b. friend.;c. potential mate.;17. External attributions ascribe causes of behavior to dispositional factors.;a. true.;b. false.;18. Which of the following is among one of the most prevalent stereotypes in America?;a. intelligence.;b. gender.;c. none of the above choices.;19. The tendency for people to see what they expect to see helps to perpetuate;a. individualism.;b. stereotypes.;c. out-group heterogeneity effects.;20. Over the past 40 years, prejudice and discrimination against minority groups have diminished.;a. true.;b. false.;21. Which of the following is not considered a basic element of the persuasion process?;a. source.;b. receiver.;c. signal.;22. Research shows that physical attractiveness is a key consideration in likability of a persuasion source.;a. true.;b. false.;23. Obedience is a form of compliance in which people change their behavior to;a. implied pressures.;b. direct commands.;c. none of the above choices.;24. The lowball technique involves getting someone to commit to an attractive deal before revealing its hidden costs.;a. true.;b. false.;25. Alfred Adler discovered the door-in-the-face technique.;a. true.;b. false.


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