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Cognitive Neuroscience




I need help in "Cognitive Neuroscience" asap.;This is regarding a case study, in which we must identify possible disorders or causes for the symptoms the patient demonstrates.;-I will attach two docs: 1. The actual case, 2. A tutorial (detailed instructions).;-Most of the tutorial is fluff... it says "proper english" etc.;Please Note, though it says "Paragraphs, etc", If you give me point form and the right answers, that should be more than enough for me to write it up.;-I can easily write a 750 word paper, I have not read the textbook yet though.;-I will catch up and skim that and use your help to check against my analysis.;Thank you kindly.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Max Pages: 2;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: Hi I just want to say that I know a good deal about psyche, and even more about writing papers. So 750 words is not hard for me at all.;-Hence, if you need to be brief and only give me key points (diagnoses, why?, signs that make you think it is that, and imaging tests we should do) that would be fine... as long as I can back it up.;-I have several projects, exams, and presentations all within a couple days from now and just wanted to be able to check my answers.;-I am using "Cognitive Neuroscience" 3rd edition by Banich. If you have another book, that is okay, as long as I can make reference to disorders/ conditions mentioned in there.;Also, if you have a couple articles that I could read to further my case, that would be great.;-In summation, this is the format;CASE REPORT;Suggested Structure;-Description of Signs and Symptoms as described in the case (1 paragraph).;What is the relevance to you as the clinician?;What other information would you seek to find out and why?;CASE REPORT;Structure cont;-Matching behavioural signs to potential domains of cognition that may be impacted (3 paragraphs).;-Not just broad domain (e.g. vision) ? what specific cognitive processes seem to be impaired?;-What does the cognitive neuroscience literature say about the neural substrate of theses processes?;-Is there anything else that you would like to test for or examine that would make the picture clearer? E.g. types of neurominaging/ neuropsychological testing?;-Diagnositc Considerations (3 paragraphs);-Given the nature of the brain damage and the clinical picture ?;what diagnoses would you consider and why?;-What is the most likely diagnosis and which brain regions are most likely impacted (be as specific as possible)?;-Are there other deficits that you suspect might manifest? Under what conditions?


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