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Organizational Culture: Applying A Hybrid Model to the U.S. Army




Explanations for the success of militaries both in war and peace have traditionally focused on key factors such as technology,[1] leadership,[2] personnel,[3] training,[4] or a combination of all of the above.[5] A more recent addition to the list of possible variables contributing to the effectiveness of military organizations is the concept of culture. As expected, most applications of the concept of culture in a military context do so with the term military culture. While military culture is often used effectively as an overarching label for the military?s personality, way of thinking, or values, there is little literature that defines the term military culture, categorizes or delineates the values that military culture claims to capture or, more importantly, provides methods or techniques to change the military culture.[6];Turning to the literature of organizational behavior, organizational culture appears to be a context-free version of the context-specific military culture. The advantage of using the construct of organizational culture, however, is that there is a rich literature providing models for assessing, diagnosing, and aligning the organizational


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