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BA 420 Organizational Behavior ? Answer All 4 Question (A++)




What lessons about leading people and managing organizations does Zappos and its CEO, Tony Hsieh, provide? Explain your conclusions.;?There are the outlandish decorations adorning walls and cubicles, including jungle creepers that hang from the ceiling and a menagerie of toy monkeys and other creatures. There are the boisterous employees, some of whom rattle cowbells, shake pompoms and bellow greetings as visitors pass their desks.? (McCuddy, 2011);Tony Hsieh has shown that allowing employees to express their personalities and creativity in the workplace creates happy employees and that happy employees are more productive, responsive, and empathetic to their customers? needs. This, in turn, provides customers with a more satisfactory and personal shopping experience and creates a loyal customer base who will re-patronize the business


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