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Evaluating Business Communication BCOM 230




Evaluating Business Communication;I have reviewed a classmate?s communication assignment, which included four communiqu?s. Each communication had an intended message to convey. In the first memo from Beth, to Mark, the intended message was to provide the results to JJJ Company review. She mentioned how their financials need to be examined, but no definitive results of findings were given. No decision was given and was very vague. In the second memo, Beth speaks to Dana, the Marketing Manager. Once again the intended message was to provide the results of a review. This memo was not concise on the actual finding, and even mentioned doing another review, which is not the intended purpose. The third memo to John, the Accounting Manager, conveyed the intended message. She gave her status on the investigation in JJJ Company to her superior. Lastly, the intended message for John to give


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