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Demonstrative Communication BCOM/275




Demonstrative Communication can be defined in many ways. It involves the replace of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behavior. Communication can be skilled verbally or nonverbally. Verbal communication includes oral and written communication whereas nonverbal communication includes facial expressions, tone of voice, body posture, and eye contact. Communication process is anyway that we can communicate by sending or receiving a message. Communication people use every day in their lives during the communication and its deal with the sending and receiving the messages. Our technology today gives us so many different opportunities to choose from to communicate with one another. But Demonstrative Communication is mainly part of the life which is never going to change. People use this communications at work, home, and family.;There?s many different example of demonstrative communication in people lives. Little babies even they can?t speak but we can understand what they need or why are they crying.When babies crying and you gave them food they look at food also give you a smile on their face that?s tells us that baby was need food and saying ?thank You?. Also understanding the body language of babies its tell that what they trying to say. For example: my eight month old daughter which was trying to hold the bottle by herself but couldn?t do it. She turned to me and start tapping on my hand, looking at the bottle. As sender she send the message clearly and make me understand what she really trying to do.;Sometimes we see people all dressed up smartly and having some flyer in their hands walking around in our community. Just looking at them its tells us they are salesman which going to sell us something. But most of the time


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