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WK 1 DQ#2 due day 4;Discussion Question 2;? Due Date: Day 4 [post to Main forum];? Post your response to the following: How do you think gender, race, and ethnicity have;affected your behavior? Provide an example from your life where you have observed;people from different ethnic backgrounds or genders behaving differently in the same;situation.;Of course all three things ? gender, race, and ethnicity affect the way we behave and think. First, because humans are social animals and have an inbuilt desire to conform. Second, we have an evolutionary predisposition to behave in the manner that has been most successful in whatever society we are born in. Third, although there are always exceptions to the observation, peer/parental pressure that are related to all three traits play an important role in self development.;Examples: Patience and Intelligence is a trait that is highly prized in Asian cultures. Whereas domination and violent reaction is the


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