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BEH 225 Wk 4 B.F. Skinner Assignment




B. F. Skinner;B. F. Skinner headed some of the earliest studies of operant conditioning. Operant condition is a training method that a person can use to train, or teach, their pets, children, and themselves a new behavior. Positive or negative reinforcements may be used to encourage this change in behavior. Skinner encouraged the use of positive reinforcements. Skinner strongly believed that a person could train themsleves to change their behavior using operant conditioning with positive reinforcers.;Skinner encouraged people to focus on developing and incorporating their desired behavior into their life and less on excluding the old behavior. One way a shy person could use operant conditioning to retrain themselves to become more outgoing is by thinking of occasions when they could start a conversation or introduce themselves to someone in class or at work. The person can monitor their improvements by basing their new actions on their old behavior.;People unknowingly


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