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BEH 225 Week 7 DQ 2




Discussion Question 2: Week 7, Day 4;Your Name Here;AxiaCollegeUniversity of Phoenix;BEH 225;Instructor, Name Here;Month and Day, 2009;Social environment has a mammoth impact on our behavior. As children, we learn from what we see and are taught. Children raised in a home that preached hatred towards others are more likely to embrace hatred themselves. I say more likely, because there are exceptions to the rule but typically the old saying holds true: ?monkey see, monkey do?. An individual whose young life included nurturing, caring family members in their environment will probably carry on these traditions. So, what about me? I was not raised in an overly religious home, my parents were not overly demanding actually we were quite ordinary: no one portrayed hints of racism, and I was scolded when and if ?I stepped out of line?. I feel that I am a ?well rounded? being


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