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BEH 225 Week 7 Checkpoint ? Evaluation and Judgement




Checkpoint: Evaluation and Judgment;University of Phoenix, AxiaCollege;BEH 225;As a society, we tend to evaluate people in many different ways. Routinely, we have tendencies to evaluate people based on impression, stereotypes, and biases. For example, if one were to observe an individual acting withdrawn, quiet, and not making eye contact, we may assume that person is shy. Perhaps the individual is prejudicially frightened to make eye contact. Conceivably, the reason for the behavior is that the behavior is manifested from prejudicial distaste. The reserved person may simply be overly tired, or something may be bothering him or her and he or she does not wish to discuss the issue or ?take it out? on an innocent party. We may see a youth with an oversized jacket, baggy jeans, and backwards hat and assume he or she is a troublemaker ? perhaps, even associated with a gang. He or she


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