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BEH 225 Week 5 Intrinsic An Extrinsic Motivation




According to Morris & Maisto 2005, intrinsic motivation is inspiration provided by an activity itself, while extrinsic motivation is a form of motivation that stems from the consequences of an activity. It is possible for a manager to motivate his workers to do certain tasks, but there are also situations in which it is totally the choice of the worker if he becomes motivated by his manager.;Intrinsic motivation deals with the inspiration that you might get from a certain job, and you might be motivated to work harder due to the individuals around you, but not for a reward because this motivation comes directly from you. This specific motivation can be increased by positive feedback (Morris & Maisto, 2005, p. 333). An example of intrinsic motivation would be after finishing a job which to yourself would have been a real challenge, but you completed the task regardless. The manager simple


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