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1. Answer the following questions related to your...




1. Answer the following questions related to your CAFR. a. What are the inclusive dates of the fiscal year? b. Write the name and address of the independent auditor. Is the auditor?s opinion unqualified? If not, describe the qualification. Is the opinion limited to the basic financial statements, or does the opinion include combining and individual fund statements? c. Is the report separated into the three distinct sections: introductory, financial, and statistical? Does the report have a ?single audit? section at the end? (A few CAFRs include their single audit report in the CAFR ? see Chapter 13 for more detail of the single audit requirements.) d. Does the report contain an organization chart? A table of contents? A list of principal officials? A letter of transmittal? Is the letter of transmittal dated and signed by the chief financial officer? List the major items of discussion in the letter of transmittal. e. Does the report include a Management?s Discussion and Analysis? List the major items of discussion. f. Does the report include the government-wide statements (Statement of Net Assets and Statement of Activities)? g. Does the report reflect fund financial statements of governmental, proprietary, and fiduciary funds? List those statements. List the major governmental and proprietary funds (the funds which have separate columns in the governmental and proprietary fund statements).,I would really appreaciate your help.,I am really sorry I didn't come back to you right away. I am still at work, crazy time, that's why I really need your help...Thank you very much!,Thank you very much!


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