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Using a topic of interest, you will prepare a "mini-proposal" outlining a ?mock? research project




Using a topic of interest, you will prepare a "mini-proposal" outlining a ?mock? research project focused on a specific problem or question and utilizes a specific qualitative method.;In Week 1, you prepared a list of research questions, you may want to use one of them for this week?s assignment.;The primary focus of this mini-proposal is the methods and expected conclusions. Emphasis should be placed on clear definition of the phenomena to be investigated, referenced procedures and methods for the investigation, and detailed description of the form and substance of expected findings from this mock study. This assignment should also address the strengths and weaknesses of applying qualitative methods as opposed to quantitative methods to answer the proposed research question.;Support your proposal with at least 5 references from peer-reviewed journals.;The proposal will include the following sections;1.Introduction;a.Brief overview of the problem;b.Research question;2.Literature review;a.Support your topic with previous research;b.At least 5 references are required;3.Methods section (pay particular attention to this area);a.Identify the method you would use and explain your choice;b.Explain how you would recruit and select your sample;c.Describe how you will collect data (this could include the setting, description of instruments you will use, and the type of data you anticipate collecting);d.Explain briefly how you would analyze the data;4.Expected conclusions (pay particular attention to this area);a.Explain what you think you might find;b.Tie the conclusions back to your research question;5.References;Length: 5-7 pages not including title and reference pages;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 5;Max Pages: 7;Level of Detail: Show all work


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