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Compare and evaluate Peter Abelard notion of moral intent with that of Heloise




1. Compare and evaluate Peter Abelard notion of moral intent with that of Heloise.;2. Explain and evaluate the view of Aristotle?s Virtue ethics.;3. Explain and evaluate St. Augistine?s notion of evil.;4. Explain and evaluate Plato?s view on ethics, specifically the structure of the soul and of the state.;5. Explain and evaluate Jeremy Betham?s utilitarianism.;6. Explain and evaluate John Stuart Mill?s utilitarianism.;7. Explain and evaluate David Hume?s ethical view known as sentimentalism.;8. Explain and evaluate Kant?s ethical theory, including the notion of the categorical imperative.;9. Explain and evaluate Nietzsche?s master and slave moralities. 10. Compare, explain and evaluate the view of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke regarding the state of nature and natural rights.;10. Explain and evaluate Jean-Jacques Rousseau?s notion of natural man and civil man.;11. Compare and contrast the Locke?s labor theory of property with the Marx?s labor theory of value.;12. Explain and evaluate Plato?s notion of the philosopher king.;13. Explain and evaluate John Rawls? notion of the veil of ignorance and the original position;14. Explain and evaluate Robert Nozick?s notion of the night-watchman state within the context of his entitlement concept of social justice.;15. Explain and evaluate Martha Nussbaun?s capabilities approach to social justice.


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