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The Case of Bobby




Case 1: The Case of Bobby;This is Bobby. He is 8 years old. Despite the fact that he is reminded frequently to clean up, his;room is always in a state of disarray. His father would like to increase the frequency of Bobby;cleaning his room. You are a behavior analyst and you put together a behavior modification;program for Mr. Kelly to use that will address the problem and incorporates operant;conditioning.;Case 2: The Case of Jackie;Meet Jackie. She has a phobia of dogs that she has had since she was 3 years old. When;Jackie was 3, she was playing in her yard and a neighbor?s dog came up to her and bit her;hand. Jackie had to go to the doctor and get stiches. Even though she is now 23 years old;she still remembers every detail and has an intense phobic reaction around dogs. Her heart;beats really fast and she feels sick to her stomach. She would just continue to avoid dogs but;she will soon be getting married to a dog trainer so she needs to overcome her phobia of;dogs. Jackie is coming to you, a behavior analyst, for help so she can marry her fianc? and;live happily ever after.;Case 3: The Case of Emma;This is 4-year-old Emma. She loves to play with her toys, but she refuses to clean them up when;she is asked. Her parents have tried hard to teach her to clean her room. They have offered;her rewards. They also have put her in time out when she would not listen but nothing has;worked. Instead of cleaning, Emma gets mad and throws a big tantrum. She cries and;screams. She sometimes even throws her toys and makes a bigger mess. She does this until her;parents decide to pick her up and to clean up for her. You are a behavior analyst who will;help Emma?s parents get a handle on this behavior while she is still a little girl.


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