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complementary, crossed, or ulterior. In addition




In this statement, determine if the interaction is 1) complementary, crossed, or ulterior. In addition, 2) explain why you chose this answer, including identifying what ego states were involved.;1. "Would you help me move this package over there?" "Sure thing.;2. "Will you serve on my committee?" "Yes, I think the experience will be helpful to me" (thinking-I want to get to know you, you're cute).;3. "Will you help me fill out this report?" "You have done several of them. Do it on your own, then I will check it for you.;4. "How much will you pay me to do the job?" "$10." "What! You're either joking or trying to take advantage of me.;5. "You're lying." "No, I'm not! You're the one who is lying.


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