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A functional analysis involves:




1.A functional analysis involves;A) obtaining information about the components of a person's personality.;B) learning about a person's behaviors.;C) learning about unconscious conflicts in the client.;D) using projective tests.;4.When a clinician using the Rorschach focuses on the actual images that a person ?sees,? the clinician is emphasizing;A) color.;B) style.;C) theme.;D) latency to respond.;8.The concept of ?negative affect? is an example of a;A) dimension of functioning.;B) specific diagnosis.;C) discrete diagnostic category.;D) field tested category.;9.DSM-IV-TR is the classification system for abnormal behaviors that is;A) used by the World Health Organization.;B) used exclusively for children.;C) used for medical disorders.;D) most widely used in the United States.;10.A diagnosis of erectile dysfunction due to diabetes would be diagnosed on;A) Axes IV and V.;B) Axes I and II.;C) Axes II and IV.;D) Axes I and III.;15.15.;Studies of diagnostic conclusions made by clinicians show that;A) they do not allow their own biases to play a role in their decisions.;B) they don't allow enough of their own expectations to enter into the decision.;C) they ignore information gathered early in the assessment process.;D) they pay too much attention to some information and too little to other information.;17.The most effective treatment for phobias is;A) behavioral therapy.;B) a combination of humanistic and existential therapies.;C) drug therapy.;D) psychodynamic therapy.;19.If you ask the question, ?What type of therapy has been shown to be the most effective for my particular disorder?? you are asking a question about;A) ethics of treatment studies.;B) classification syndrome studies.;C) diagnosis reliability studies.;D) therapy outcome studies.;20.A college graduate is;A) more likely to seek therapy than someone who goes on to graduate school.;B) equally likely to seek therapy as those with a high school education.;C) less likely than someone with a high school degree to seek therapy.;D) less likely than someone with a postgraduate degree to seek therapy.


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