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Development through the Lifespan




Please chose only 1(one) question to answer. This midterm covers the first ten chapters of Development through the Lifespan. Any supplemental professional journal articles can also be used to support your answers. Each answer must be at least two type-written pages double-spaced (500 words). Font type should be Times New Roman 12. Include References!;3.Explain the core knowledge perspective of cognitive development, noting research that both supports and challenges its assumptions. Describe the information-processing view of cognitive development, including its contributions and limitations.;4.Describe Bowlby?s ethological theory of attachment and trace the development of attachment during the first two years. Be sure to give specific examples.;5.In addition to the cerebral cortex, which other parts of the brain make strides during early childhood? Identify the applicable brain structures, and discuss their impact on development. Explain in detail using examples from your readings.;8.Discuss age and sex differences in children?s adjustment to remarriage and entry into blended families. Describe the benefits and challenges of being reared as an only child. How does the development of Chinese only children compare to U.S. only children?


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