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You are still working on a consulting team to provide consultation to Care Relief.




You are still working on a consulting team to provide consultation to Care Relief. As you will recall from last week?s Discussion, Care Relief is a respite care provider for families of individuals with special needs. Surveys indicated employee issues with tardiness, inattentiveness, and unprofessional behavior while in families? homes.;Data indicate that;?75% of employees are tardy at least once per week;?During employee observation, clients were actively supervised only 60% of the service time;?Families report incidences of unprofessional behavior at least one time per shift for 50% of employees;In your Discussion this week, you will use the information gathered as well as your previous experiences to brainstorm possible behavior intervention(s) to use at Care Relief. You will use a program hypothesis format to connect your intervention idea with the problems you have identified and with the results you hope will be achieved.;To begin, think broadly about possible interventions to solve the problems identified at Care Relief;1. Take a little time to brainstorm before posting. Identify three ideas to start your post this week. Try to add to the ideas already mentioned on the board by others. Do not think about difficulty of implementation, focus on being creative. Sometimes the idea that seems most ?way out? at first is actually the best idea!;2. Choose ONE intervention you suggested that you think will be most helpful. Review the framework for the program hypothesis that is outlined in Chapter 6. Complete the following statements for the intervention you chose in order to complete a hypothesis;1. Because there are students who?..;2. The result is ?.;3. If [choose a specific step of your suggested intervention] is implemented;4. It is expected that?.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Only answer needed;Other Requirements: 250 words with a source


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