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Conduct a 5-year financial statement forecast of Abbvie




Conduct a 5-year financial statement forecast of Abbvie. In the short memo, provide an explanation of the basis for your indentification of the most important forecasting parameters and the logic behind the values you assigned to each parameter. Conclude by identifying the external financing needs and/or capital surplus for Abbvie over the next five years.;Be sure to include a short description of Abbvie's general business model to create the context for your analysis. Based on the spreadsheet and an analysis of Abbvie?s recent performance, current business strategy, and expectations for future performance, determine values for the parameters such as Sales growth rates, Gross profit margins, SG&A, Depreciation percentage, Interest rate, Capital spending plans (parameter for gross PPE), etc.;Note: the parameters in the spreadsheet can be changeable. Anyway, Please see the class material as an attached file. Thank you.;Attachments Preview;Abbvie Financial Statements&Forecast.xlsx;Pro Forma Financial Statement Forecasting.pdf;Pro Forma Financial Statement Forecasting;Estimating Parameters;Steven C. Isberg, Ph.D;University of...;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 2;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: Before you assign this question, please make sure you will give me an answer based on the Abbvie's information not a general answer. Thank you


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