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Freud?s term ??psychoanalysis?? evolved from the word




Freud?s term ??psychoanalysis?? evolved from the word;A.repression;B.hysteria; association;D.catharsis;According to Freud?s controversial seduction hypothesis, seduction occurred during;A.puberty;B.romantic dating;C.late teens, early twenties;D.childhood;Koffka described simple conditions that produce gestalt phenomena; abstract terms; perceptions; two dimensional movement; three dimensions;Pavlov?s viewed the human body; a separate entity; a separate ghost/mind; a living machine; a machine;The ??paradox of inhibition;A.the second phenomenon associated with inhibition; delayed conditioning, when a CS is presented and remains on during a delay period and a UCS is then presented; delayed conditioning, where the delay interval itself never features a UCS and it therefore becomes inhibitory;D.D. all of the above;Part I of Titchener?s Instructor?s Manual dealt solely with psychophysics and methods employed therein and are thus of less interest.;True;False;The original Gestaltists were impressed with physics, not biology.;True;False;The Laws of Grouping describe the manner in which we tend to structure the world.;True;False;Pavlov never asked what precisely was the best delay between conditioned and unconditioned stimuli.;True;False;According to Guthrie, psychopathology is normal in a pathological environment.;True;False;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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