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Resources that would help a DSW provide information to a family member




This week we have read about the Substitute Decision Making Act, the Consent to Treatment Act, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Find some resources that would help a DSW provide information to a family member who is supporting a person with developmental disabilities either in government publications, agency support, news articles or online. Assume that the person you are providing the information for is concerned for the legal rights of a person with developmental disabilities and needs some information. Find one source for each of these documents and write a short summary of the information you find as it relates to people with developmental disabilities. Post your source and findings for the benefit of other students. A wide range of resources should be posted (not just a revisiting of the same sites) so there is benefit to posting early and posting a resource not already discussed.;2nd question;separate page;Cui-Mei is a 7 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy whose parents would like her to attend the school in her community. However they are being told that due to Cui-Mei's needs, she must be bussed to a school 45 minutes away from their home. Her mom and dad feel that she has been unfairly labelled as ?aggressive? because of an incident that happened in the school at age 5. Her parents believe that she must have been in pain due to issues with her wheelchair that day, but a teaching assistant was hit in the jaw by Cui-Mei as she tried to reposition her. Her parents feel that since Cui-Mei has never exhibited aggressive behaviour at other times but does occasionally have quick, uncontrolled movements (due to CP), that is no reason she cannot be accommodated in her local school. ? How can functional and other bio-medical assessments be used to help a child or school to more fully exercise the right to education?;? What acts or legal issues should also be discussed with the school board?;Be sure to use quotations and resources from the text, the Acts, or other sources in your answer.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 2;Level of Detail: Only answer needed;Other Requirements: the course is on developmental disability pls let me know if any one has experience or knowledge on this subject


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