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The presentation will focus on demonstrating your understanding of your objectives




The presentation will focus on demonstrating your understanding of your objectives and strategies in the context of the results you have achieved so far, and will achieve in the future. Your goal should be to clearly present information to potential investors in order to secure an investment in your company. You can ask for as much money as you need to continue to grow your company. You should be able to justify your request for an investment and clearly discuss how the money will be used. Risk must be discussed. The following variables may be used as a guideline for your presentation. You do not have to use all of them and it is not an all inclusive list of items. Select the criteria that best depicts your plans and strategies for your company. Capitalize on your strengths and describe how you will turn your weaknesses around.;Items in Bold are required for the presentation;? Introduction of company, executive staff, and corporate structure.;? Company mission, objectives and strategies for years 9-11.;? Company performance against original stated objectives.;? Competitive analysis for all functional areas.;? SWOT analysis.;? Product/market strategies;? Marketing Analysis- awareness, accessibility, pricing, A/R & A/P schedule, market share, promotion and sales budget, etc.;? Human Resource / TQM Analysis ? staffing, training, labor relations, TQM budgets, etc.;? Production Analysis ? inventory strategy, unit cost, contribution margin, workforce, capacity, automation, etc.;? R&D Analysis ? performance, size, MTBF, age, etc.;? Financial Analysis - retained earnings, revenue, total assets, earnings per share, stock price, dividends, consolidated statements, etc.;? Key Financial Ratios - ROA - Return on Assets, ROS ? Return on Sales, ROE ? Return on Equity, D/A - Debt to Asset, EPS - Earnings Per Share, etc. Think about these ratios in terms of profitability, liquidity and leverage.;? Growth analysis ? You can define growth in any way that is appropriate for your company.;? Risk assessment and analysis.;? Future projections, goals and plans (3 year projections).;? Reasons why investors would want to invest in your company.;Additional Requirements;Other Requirements: I want you to make a presentation but at this point I m going to give you my capsim website account and you gonna check the result and only way to you can go forward.;Capsim is the online simulation program. You gonna find result on my account and you gonna make ANALYSES- ANALYSES and than you will make presentation;dont miss a step or dont forget analyses thats the important part


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