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Emotional and social changes of early childhood.




Erik Erikson's theory of initiative versus guilt captures the emotional and social changes of early childhood. A healthy sense of initiative depends on exploring the social world through play, forming a conscience through identification with the same-sex parent, and receiving supportive child rearing.;What are some of the activities that children 'play' to learn about the world around them? How should parents foster these important 'play ' activities? Do you see this among the children around you or within the media (television advertisements, movies, etc)?;After toddler-hood, young children have a new sense of purposefulness and are eager to join in the world around them. Answer the following questions: What is Erikson's stage of initiative versus guilt? What personality changes take place during this stage? What are some of the new tasks, activities, and discoveries that children are eager to tackle? How is 'play' used throughout this stage? Please provide examples to illustrate your points.;*atleast 150words, apa format, use references. the book I am using is Development through the lifespan by Laura Berk.


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