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discuss psychology and its more recent (relative to the entire



Question;This week we discuss psychology and its more recent (relative to the entire history of its evolution, that is) ideas about the causes of human behavior, including Gestalt, Neobehaviorism and Freud's theories. Freud?s work is a popular topic of discussion in the field of psychology. While most do not accept his work as ?scientific,? most accept many of his principles and theories as valid. Having watched the video and read the information about Freud, identify two of Freud?s principles or theories that you believe to be valid. Please include concrete examples and properly source credit ideas and concepts, even if you think they have been around for so long that surely everyone has heard of them--they started in a publication somewhere and credit should be correctly attributed!:-);400 words;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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