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Cerebral ischemia is A.a condition characterized




Cerebral ischemia is;A.a condition characterized by cancerous brain tumors.;B.a type of cerebral hemorrhage.;C.a shortage of blood to the brain.; area of brain damage.;Which of the following is a correct statement about medial temporal lobe amnesics? They often have;A.medial temporal lobe pathology.; ability to form long-term semantic memories.;C.a profile of mnemonic deficits similar to that of H.M.;D.both A and C;H.M. showed no long-term retention on the;A.digit-span +1 test.;B.mirror-drawing test.;C.rotary-pursuit test.;D.incomplete pictures test.;One major difference between the amnesia associated with advanced Korsakoff's syndrome and that associated with bilateral medial temporal lobe damage is that patients with advanced Korsakoff's syndrome have;A.a retrograde amnesia that can extend back into childhood.;B.a mild retrograde amnesia for recent events.;C.deficits in consolidation.;D.anterograde amnesia.;Damage to the brains of Alzheimer?s patients is often apparent in the;A.medial temporal lobe structures.;B.basal forebrain.;C.prefrontal cortex.;D.all of the above;Islands of memory following concussion are memories of;A.a few things from lists that have been otherwise forgotten.; that occurred during periods of time for which there is otherwise total amnesia.;C.implicit events that occurred during a background of amnesia for explicit events.; to Hawaii.;The two hemispheres, although similar in appearance, differ in function. The study of these functional differences is commonly referred to as the study of;A.bilateral representation.;B.lateralization of function.;C.the split brain.;D.fundamental functional duality.;Broca's area is in the __________ cortex.;A.left frontal;B.right frontal;C.left temporal;D.right temporal;Although the symptoms of apraxia are ________, apraxia usually results from damage to the ________ hemisphere.;A.unilateral, left;B.contralateral, right;C.ipsilateral, left;D.bilateral, left;Left-handers and right-handers are;A.dextrals and sinestrals, respectively.;B.sinestrals and dextrals, respectively.;C.more variable than androids.;D.equally lateralized with respect to language functions.;The volunteers in the first experiments performed on split-brain humans had;A.suffered from severe cases of epilepsy.;B.their corpus callosums severed.;C.their optic chiasms severed.;D.both A and B;The left hemisphere plays a greater role in controlling the left hand than; does in controlling the right hand.;B.the right hemisphere does in controlling the left hand.;C.the right hemisphere does in controlling the right hand.;D.all of the above;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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