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JOURNAL ARTICLE REVIEW ESSAY;Use article provided in the question to write a 1 page journal article review. Please follow the format as provided below;Content;1. Cover Page;A. Your name;B. Your course number and section (PSY 200 XX) -- XX should be replaced by your actual section;C. The title of the article;D. The name of the journal;E. The date/edition/page numbers and author;2. Text (2 sections);A. Section I: Description (Starting on the first line of the page you start with;Section I: then start writing);i. Describe the contents of the article ? in your own words;ii. Each section must be described ? in your own words;iii. Your grade will reflect how well you provide evidence that you read the entire article;iv. This must be no less than ? of a page;B. Section II: Application (On the next line after you finish your description you write: Section II: then start);i. Apply at least one aspect of the article to your life;ii. No further description of the contents of the article;iii. This must be no less than 1/4 of a page;Grading;A. Description - You are providing evidence that you read the entire article.;i. Provides complete evidence that you read the entire article;ii. Please cover all sections (Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Statistics, Analysis, Discussion);iii. This must be in your own words;iv. This must be in proper English;v. Wording Examples;4 According to the author(s)?..;5 The article states that?.;B. Application- You are providing evidence that you understood the entire article.;i. The more specific the application, the more points;ii. The more accurate the application, the more points;iii. This must be in proper English;Attachment Preview;96209241.pdf;RESEARCH AND PRACTICE;Mental Health and Suicidality Among Racially/Ethnically;Diverse Sexual Minority...;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1


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