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ACC416 Auditing Research Paper You will explor...




ACC416 Auditing Research Paper You will explore various sources to gather information about the auditing profession. You must use at least three reference sources (1 must be from a professional organization; 1 must be from a regulating agency). The paper must contain the component items listed below; each bulleted point is to be its own section of the final paper. Components: ? Describe the profession of auditing ? Distinguish between auditing and accounting ? Differentiate between the three main types of audits ? Identify the primary types of auditors ? Explore professional organization for accountants o AICPA o State CPA group ? Explore regulations and standards and the agencies responsible for them o PCAOB o GAAS o IAASB o ASB o SOX ? Define different assurance services that auditors can offer ? Describe how ethics impacts the work of auditors ? Describe the parts of an audit report and differentiate between the following o Opinions ? Qualified ? Non-qualified ? Identify current trends in the auditing profession,I can't pay more than that, Thank you


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