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Personal Financial Plan: The Personal Financial Plan Workbook contains 46 tabbed spreadsheets that you




Personal Financial Plan: The Personal Financial Plan Workbook contains 46 tabbed spreadsheets that you;are to complete and submit at the end of the term. Many of the referenced worksheets are interactive and;simplify various calculations and procedures and provide helpful materials for students to manage their own;personal finances. After downloading the Excel workbook, make sure that you "Enable Content" as some of;the spreadsheets will retrieve data from the internet.;? Use the Instructions and Suggested Web Sites listed on each worksheet to research the types of;information needed to make financial decisions. Use the worksheets to enter your information (do not use real;bank account numbers, social security numbers, etc.). Each worksheet should be completed in order to receive;maximum credit for your Financial Plan. Some of the topics may not directly apply to you at this time, but you;should still complete each worksheet to gain knowledge of the topic area for the future. For the areas that do;not apply to you at this time, you can use estimated or forecasted information. Selected parts of your Plan can;be based upon information that applies to another family member, friend, etc... Incomplete areas of your;Financial Plan will result in a loss of credit!;In general, you should fill in the lightly-shaded cells in each spreadsheet, many calculations are programmed in;each spreadsheet and results will appear in the darker-shaded cells. Do not alter the formulas in the;spreadsheets as this may negate the computational features of each file.;Note: The PFP sheets in the Plan do not exactly match the PFP sheets in the textbook, as this is a more;concise version of the Plan.;Special Note: Plans that duplicate information from another student?s Plan from the current or any previous;semester will receive a grade of zero!;? Fill out and electronically "sign" the CERTIFICATION document in the first tabbed worksheet.;? Upload your Personal Financial Plan workbook by the scheduled due date through Connect. The file that you;upload should be the single Excel? workbook containing the completed tabbed spreadsheets (46 in total).;Attachment Preview;Master_Financial_Plan_Kapoor_11e.xlsx;Individual Assignment Cover Page;Submitted...;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: I need this financial plan done. It must be done entirely from scratch using all the information I am providing. Will be checked for plagiarism.


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