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"Each Student is to individually complete and subm...




"Each Student is to individually complete and submit a research Paper as part of their Final Grade. The subject of this Paper is to be on a legal subject related to forensic accounting, such as money laundering, terrorist financing, tax fraud, internet fraud, or other type of fraud, to be approved by the Instructor. Each Student will submit three legal subjects, in the order of personal choice, by a date to be announced, after which the Instructor will make the final selection for each Student?s subject and inform the Student by e-mail. The Student should indicate if any of their choices is work-related or of significant personal interest. The Term Paper is to contain at least ten (10) relevant legal references, (including court cases, statutes, treaties, etc.), no more than five (5) of which may be internet websites. Citations and attributions are mandatory, using standard formats, and should be made of all references you apply. Quotations and anecdotes are acceptable, but you are not to copy large amounts of published texts, articles or other papers, treatises or website materials as ?filler? material. The Paper is to be at least twelve (12) total pages of text,(not including Title Page, Table of Contents/Index, Table of Authorities, or Bibliography). Each text page, is to be in double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point type, using the WORD or Wordperfect word processing program. All individual text-page margins are to be scaled at 1 inch (1?), for all sides, Top, Bottom, Left, Right. The Due Date for submission will be announced subsequently by the Instructor. Late submission may lead to assessment of a penalty in the grade received. This Paper will represent 20% of your Final Grade in this Course, Grading emphasis for this segment will be placed on: (a) the depth, degree of originality, and the current nature and timeliness of your subject matter; (b)the organization and logical presentation of the material in appropriate business form; (c) the extent of expression of your own thought process; and (d) the quality of your professional writing skills." Scott Rothstein Fraud is my Paper Topic


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