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I have a PSY101 course coming up in a month




Hello Course Hero Tutors!;I have a PSY101 course coming up in a month or so and wanted to find the right tutor to complete a large list of assignments/discussions/papers. I am attaching a PSY101 Ashford syllabus and the FULL course text/book for reference use on what assignments/discussions/papers are to be completed. I realize there is a lot of items due within the 5 week agenda but I can assure you 80% of the assignments are smaller posts in comparison to the mid paper and final paper. I will complete all response posts to students and maybe ask a few questions on the quizzes that come each week, typically quizzes are researchable on my end. I highlighted the course syllabus to give the tutor a good grasp on what this course entails. I will set a price once I find the right tutor. Please only respond if you feel you are the subject expert and are willing to take on a bigger assignment. Thanks a ton!;-Lewis;Attachments Preview;PSY101_full_text.pdf;PSY101_Online_SG_2013_V6_WP.0916.MN.pdf;PSY101;Introduction to Psychology;This course is a survey of selected topics in psychology, including;research methods, physiological psychology, sensation,...;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 8;Max Pages: 10;Level of Detail: Only answer needed;Other Requirements: If any other tools/sources are needed to work on the assignments please let me know as I can access more materials for ease of use/work. If work is done in accordance with the syllabus, I tend to reward/tip a bit more to show the tutor is doing a fantastic job. Thanks again!


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