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How does cognitive psychology help you to understand memory?




How does cognitive psychology help you to understand memory? How can the accuracy of memory be affected by cognitive and schematic processes? What are some memory strategies that could help students dealing with memory problems or inaccuracies? Try to choose different ones from your classmates.;Here are some strategies that you might want to incorporate into your Discussion post;Chunking, spaced practice, primacy effects, recency effects, state-dependent learning, context-dependent learning, tip of the tongue phenomenon, elaborative encoding, distributed practice, massed practice, spacing effect, self-reference effect, forgetting curve, overlearning, priming, iconic memory, echoic memory, maintenance rehearsal, retroactive interference, proactive interference, schemas. Note: This list is not exhaustive. Feel free to add other terms and concepts to your plan that are not included on this listing.;I am 43 yrs old and this has to be on becoming at attorney!;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Show all work


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