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Auditing questions: Please answer the following...




Auditing questions: Please answer the following multiple choice questions with explanation on why. Thank you! 32. Which of the following is most likely to be considered a risk factor relating to fraudulent financial reporting? A. Low turnover of senior management. B. Extreme degree of competition within the industry. C. Capital structure including various operating subsidiaries. D. Sales goals in excess of any of the preceding three years. 33. Which of the following conditions identified during the audit increases the risk of employee fraud? A. Large amounts of cash in the bank. B. Existence of a mandatory vacation policy for employees performing key functions. C. Inventory items of small size, but high value. D. Presence of reconciling items on a client prepared year-end proof of cash. 34. Which of the following statements is accurate about "fraud risk factors" considered when conducting an audit? A. Factors whose presence indicates that fraud exists. B. Factors whose presence often have been observed in circumstances where frauds have occurred. C. Factors whose presence will require modification to planned audit procedures. D. Factors obtained during the audit which lead to required communications with the audit committee.


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