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I am attaching an example of a a literature review that I think is a good example. I should introduce my topic(using computer in classroom for freshman students to improve their writing through increasing scores)with the theory (general articles on the topic) and follow that with studies that are directly related, and finally studies that are tangentially or somewhat related. When reporting on the studies make sure you give a little information on who the participants were, what methods were used, and what the results were. Don't just provide the conclusions. The literature review is not a place for opinion! You report on what the literature says not on what you think.;Note: The headings are in correct APA in this sample.;Note: The reference list was omitted. Only the body of chapter 2 is included. You would have also have a complete reference list.;Attachment Preview;Literature review_sample.rtf;Background and Review of Related Literature;Theory;In early grades (kindergarten through third), students are taught skills and strategies...


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