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Amazon, and answer the following questions:




Amazon, and answer the following questions;f. Discussion of key statistics provided by sources like Yahoo finance.;i. There are many different other statistics available for your corporation. These include market value, beta, and diluted EPS, etc. Discuss some of the key statistics that you think can assist you to determine if this corporation is a good buy or sell.;g. For you to decide if a corporation?s stock is a good buy or sell, you must forecast several key variables, including the stock price.;i. Use historical prices (5 years of monthly data recommended) and forecast the stock price for the next year. Use regression analysis, and/or moving average, etc. to create your forecast.;ii. Create a graph from the historical data and show your forecast on the same graph. You can add a trend line to the graph to help you with a forecast. Include the graph in your report.;iii. You need to say specifically what the forecasted value of the stock price is.;iv. You must address the question, ?Is this forecast reasonable?? Must you amend your analysis to get a more reasonable forecast?;h. Other information pertinent to the corporation that could affect its future performance and stock price.;i. This could include dividend policy, capital structure, bond ratings, expert opinions on TV, new projects, litigation, regulation, etc. Search for information on the web regarding this corporation. Look at company complaint blogs, etc.;i. Recommendation regarding the future of this corporation.;i. Is the stock a good buy, average buy, or a poor buy (implying a good sell)?;ii. Include a justification of your recommendation based on your analysis and research.;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: Please do this in a word document.


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