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sexually aroused by the taste of beef pastrami.




In the Seinfeld clip shown in class, George Costanza decides to combine two of his favorite things: sex and beef pastrami. In-so-doing, he subsequently becomes sexually aroused by the taste of beef pastrami. Using the principles of classical conditioning, explain how this might have happened. In your answer, be sure to define and identify the unconditioned stimulus (US), unconditioned response (UR), conditioned stimulus (CS) and conditioned response (CR). Somewhat curiously, George later finds that a chicken sandwich also causes sexual arousal, though not as intensely, but that a tuna sandwich does not. What do we call what?s happening in each case? If George had intended for the beef pastrami to elicit sexual arousal, when should he have eaten the beef pastrami: before, during, or after sex? Finally, using Michale Domjam?s work with the Japanese quail, discuss the evolutionary implications (i.e., adaptive value) of classical conditioning. For the latter, cite and reference the following paper;Authors: Michael J. Mahometa and Michael Domjan;Date: 2005;Title: Classical conditioning increases reproductive success in Japanese quail, Coturnix japonica;Journal: Animal Behavior;Volume: 69;Pages: 983 ? 989;This question (as with all questions) is to be answered in a maximum of one page, double- spaced, using 12 point, Arial fo


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